Find the Funds You Need With Accounts Receivable Financing

One of our goals at Blessing Capital is helping our customers have the resources to remain competitive and expand along with the market. If your business sells good or services to customers who pay over time, accounts receivable financing could be the right solution for you.

Turn Your Liabilities Into Assets

Accounts receivable financing can be an excellent option for startups and companies in bankruptcy. With this type of funding, you sell Blessing Capital your AR invoices at a discount, essentially outsourcing your accounts receivable department to us. Accounts receivable financing factors in your customers’ credit situation rather than your company’s, so it can be an ideal solution for businesses struggling with debt.

Enjoy Numerous Benefits

If your business qualifies for AR financing, you’ll receive free credit insurance along with several other benefits from Blessing Capital:

  • Cash within 24 hours
  • No fixed payments
  • No dealing with an arbitrary loan board
  • No personal guarantee or recourse
  • Funding increases as your business grows
  • Liquid assets to complete large orders
  • Financial coverage for operating expenses, including payroll and inventory

Whether you need help getting out of debt or are looking for the funding to meet seasonal demands, financing receivables could be the right option for your business. You can get the cash you need to fund operating expenses while also reducing the workload on your accounts receivable department. Contact the commercial lending experts at Blessing Capital to get started today.