Blessing Capital Building Downtown Tucson, AZ

About Us


Blessing Capital is a Veteran and Woman owned and operated business. It was formed by Ministers and Husband and Wife couple of 10 years,  Joshua and Anna Blessing with the aim of becoming the Thought Leaders in Metaphysics and Finance. The word Blessing, meaning; special favor or grace, a Divine favor or gift bringing happiness, prosperity and peace. To give someone a Blessing means to receive permission to follow through with your plan. This seemed to us an ideal name that sums up our ethos and intent. Our intent is to secure the funding you need to continue down your path, expanding and completing your plan.


Our Philosophy

Owners often underestimate their business’ true worth because of their close daily involvement. While this involvement has been essential in creating the asset you have today, it can obscure your perspective of how the wider market could perceive your company. Many of our clients are unaware of the gem their business actually is. We understand that every business is unique, and no one company has the same metrics. Our team are masters at structuring your financial strategy and marketplace positioning according to your unique needs, metrics, story and energetics. We guarantee that, working with you, we will draw-out the multiple attractive facets of your business. It is through polishing and presenting these facets in their best light that we are able to launch Projects in a way that captivates your ideal audience’s attention, while strategically growing, expanding and contributing to you bottom line with ease, joy and ultimate integrity.


Our Unique Qualifications

The Epigenetics of Business: The most important aspect is understanding that your business has its own DNA. This DNA, while invisible creates the entire workings and energetics of your operation. There is no other CFO Firms or Business Consultants in the marketplace who operate with not only an innate understanding, but the ability to peer into the Genetic Blueprint of your Business’ Mission, Vision and Purpose and reconverts it as needed. Epigenetic’s is the study of our ability to alter our Human Genome, well we are currently the only firm doing continual R&D into the Epigenetic of Business and Industries. With the rate of information and evolution currently unfolding on our planet, without this aspect businesses and operation will become extinct.

Competitive Advantage: We run a highly competitive process that generates a range of options for your business. Whichever route you choose you can be assured that, as a result  you will certainly achieve the best possible terms, rates and funding for you. In addition, the Financial and Business Markets change and evolve continually, we remain ahead of the curve offering the most competitive services for our clients no matter what is happening in the market. The Financial Market is a reflector of where the current collective consciousness is operating at which directly impacts all of us both personally and business. Being that we have a department dedicated to R&D, this keeps us ahead of the curve and continually adapting and evolving.

Experience: Our team has over 30 years of consulting experience as well as owning/operating  businesses in a range of different industries, equipping our firm to know firsthand what it is like on your end of the deal, and the never-ending struggle to access capital. Not only have they invested time equity, but they have invested 100’s of thousands of dollars into their businesses over the years. Blessing Capital was birthed to meet the Financial needs of Business Owners and that is not being met. Turning their tests into their testaments.

Strategic Consulting: We come alongside our business owners and visionaries  to construct a strategy on how to position for long-term success that aligns with the growth plan and vision of each individual company. While there is no blueprint for all businesses, there are foundational metrics and prices that must be present. We structure the foundational needs for financial success and maximum impact, while architecting the the Mission, Vision and Purpose to materialize at new levels and marketplace perception.

Negotiating Ability: Whatever your opinion is of Trump he has one thing right: negotiating is truly an art, and the Art of the Deal is one’s ability to negotiate where both parties walk away satisfied. Our team is effective at negotiating and has a combined experience of over 30 years of negotiating ability, resulting in partnerships, growth opportunities, financial positioning and greater visibility that is unmatched in the industry.

Research & Development: Our Firm remains futuristic and ahead of the curve due to our R&D department. Tony Robbins, one of our mentors has a Research company dedicated to continually remaining relevant. Marketing is obsolete, relevancy is the new marketing & advertising. And how do you stay relevant? By continually Researching and Developing. If a company, person or practice is not conducting R&D continually it is only a matter of time before they become obsolete. Our world is evolving at such a rapid pace, our motto is “keep up and you’ll be kept up”.

Metaphysics: The Supernatural ability that our Firm’s Visionaries have to architect, shift, and rearrange the invisible which changes the physical is unmatched. Metaphysical Abilities are gifts that comes through very specific DNA activations. We all have the ability, yet very few have unlocked it and operate with it. This is the most valuable aspect of our work that has shifted industries on a global scale, magnetized partnerships and engagements with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Health and Business transforming everything we touch. While this gift is profoundly powerful and magnetizes all walks of life to us, it can also repel those who prefer to keep their business, dreams and visions in concept stage.

We move things from concept to embodiment. Once you engage with our firm and if our founders take on your project and business, they have the Superhuman ability to make the invisible visible with such ease. Your project, dream and vision will move from concept into materialization.


How does it get any better than that?