Blessing Capital, The Leader in Providing Outsourced CFO Services
for Companies, Visionaries and Entrepreneurs

Companies succeed because they are great at what they do, and typically not so good at the financial strategy side of business.

Most companies do not need a full-time Chief Financial Officer [CFO]; however, they do need great financial leadership. Our Outsource CFO services are tailored to come alongside companies with just the right financial expertise for the amount of time they need.

Some examples of CFO leadership that Blessing Capital delivers is:

  • Providing financial strategies to increase profits and strategically grow.
  • Installing new financial processes and metrics.
  • Financially managing different phases of growth and plateau stages.
  • Strategizing and negotiating new rounds of financing.
  • Leading the financial aspects of a company’s expansion or acquisition.
  • Providing deeper understanding of the financial information to the leadership.
  • An in depth understanding and facilitation of the Metaphysics of Finance. The majority of success both financially and from every Visionary is 1st architected in the invisible that then materializes and shifts the physical. This is a grossly overlooked area that determines the success or failure of almost any business or project.
  • The Right Riches for you: Customized  strategies and solutions for both wealth creation and wealth preservation that is aligned with your mission, vision and purpose.
  • And of course the usual monthly services: accounting, bookkeeping, P&L statements and annual tax prep.

Every company’s needs are unique, however these 7 elements are common to each engagement:

  1. Know the Entrepreneur / Owner / Leadership:  We work directly with the top leadership to have a clear understanding of who they are, where they are leading the company, and what they are desiring to accomplish.
  2. Integration:  We synergistically assimilate into the leadership during our engagement to help the company breakthrough to its Next Level.
  3. Understanding Your Company’s DNA:  We want to know your company’s key operations and processes. We go behind the financial numbers and metrics, so we can provide great analysis and leadership to increase profits while continually growing your company’s mission, vision and purpose.
  4. Empowering Leadership:  We provide the leadership a deeper financial understanding and tools with which to better lead their company.
  5. Clarity and Transparency:  We are forthright – making the complex, easy to understand; especially the financials.
  6. “Multi-Lingual”:  We speak “bank”, “investor”, “legal”, “IT”, “accounting”, “tax” and even metaphysical language which enables us to help a company navigate the in’s and out’s of business and interpret the areas that typically go over 99% of people’s heads.
  7. Your Advocate:  We have no “turf” to protect or bias towards any particular professional advice. Our only agenda is for you and your company to succeed and reach its Next Level.

Customized Business Loans for Every Situation

No matter what type of business you have, adequate funding is essential for successful growth. Business loans can provide the resources you need to expand your customer base, run a targeted marketing campaign, or invest in a larger office space. When you need funding for your next business endeavor, find the financial products you need at Blessing Capital.We understand that each business is unique so we offer a wide range of commercial finance options to our customers. You may not be sure what kind of loan would be best for your business, but our expert financial professionals are here to help. We can work with you to find the lending solution to meet your immediate financial requirements and provide the resources you need as your company grows.

We offer a wide range of commercial lending products to ensure every customer has access to the right financial assistance. Some of our specializations include:

Receivables Factoring

Want to remain competitive and expand along with the market? If your business sells good or services to customers who pay over time, accounts receivable financing (factoring) could be the right solution for you.

Business Lines of Credit

Whether you need credit card solutions or access to flexible funds, we can help with unsecured business lines of credit. Our financial experts can take you through a no-obligation pre-qualification.

Equipment Leasing

Whether your business requires standard office machines, such as computers and printers, or heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and cranes, Blessing Capital can help you get the equipment financing you need.

Commercial Real Estate

If your business deals with large or small property transactions, Blessing Capital offers commercial real estate financing from $100,000 to $1,000,000 and more.

Expert Advice and Commercial Lending Solutions

The right commercial financing can be the key to take your company to the next level of success. If you’re ready to find a customized financial solution for your business, give our experts a call today and let Blessing Capital meet your funding needs.