Work Life Balance Tips to Better your Relationship

Work is part of life, but it certainly cuts into life’s more pleasurable aspects. One of the biggest things in a workaholic’s life that can suffer from the struggle to find a work life balance is a person’s relationship. The good news is, there are some techniques you can use to help keep your relationship strong despite a busy work schedule.


Plan Your Departure from Work


You may find yourself leaving the office on time more often if you start planning when you’re going to leave from the onset of your workday. For example, be sure and explain to coworkers that you need to head out at a certain time because you and your spouse have something planned. Let them know that you’d like them to have that same opportunity of seeing their families. This way, your team can devise strategies for dividing the work and get it done more efficiently.  This should help make it clear to your spouse that he or she is a priority to you.


Also consider lining up your projects for the day ahead of time, and then estimate which ones will take the longest to complete. Finish these tasks first so you’re not scrambling at the end of your shift to get everything done.


Set Priorities


Everybody has priorities, but sometimes living by them is a challenge. You can tell your wife or husband and children all day long that they’re important to you, but until you spend extra time with them and show them you mean it, it may be difficult for them to feel that it’s true.  Once you’re doing better getting out of work on time, then start using that time wisely for a better work life balance. Take your wife out to a nice dinner, or just sit with your husband and hear about his day. When you’re home, find gestures like these that make it evident your spouse or partner is number one on your list.


Additionally, try doing your best to leave work in the office rather than bringing it home with you. Once in a while, it’s understandable when things pile up and you have to play a little catch up. Sometimes, though it’s okay to save that catch up for tomorrow morning when you’re back at work. Spend the evening clearing your head and making sure that your relationship doesn’t fall through the cracks of your workload. Maybe choose one “catch-up” night a week. Chances are, your relationship will thrive if you are more present at home.


Finding a good work life balance is hard. These suggestions will hopefully help you devise strategies that will make it easier on you and the person with whom you share your life.


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