Who is Blessing Capital, The Metaphysicians of Finance?

Blessing Capital, The Metaphysicians of Finance

Much more than a Capital Firm, we are a collective group of Advisors with a Vision to see the Financial Industry transform into a conscious experience. One that brings ease, joy and comfort to borrowers and lenders alike, while continually pushing the envelope forward for a new way of funding, creating and supporting small businesses. We believe in sustainability and benevolent capitalism  We see a new way of approaching an age-old industry. One that puts people before dollars, and dreams before transactions.

Blessing Capital is a veteran and woman owned and operated company. Founded by Ordained Ministers and Metaphysicians, husband and wife couple Joshua and Anna Blessing as an answer to the marketplace’s #1 need: access to capital.We live in a world where collaboration makes all things possible. We can either collaborate out of greed and fear (what our world has been operating under) or we can collaborate for unity, mutual benefit and empowerment. Our firm chooses the latter.

If you are seeking funds to start or grow your business, or are seeking financing for your commercial real estate deal, we can help. You may not  realize that the entire process can be quite overwhelming and foreign to say the least … Our team has over a decade of experience in understanding the sensitive nature of  seeking out funding solutions and the process of going through funding. After owning/operating several small businesses over the past 10 years, we understand how daunting it can be to engage with the lending and financial world.

That’s why we are here, to advocate on your behalf, to be the ambassador for your mission and deal. We are the Firm we wished we had over the years to guide, support and connect us to the right capital for our needs. Blessing Capital was birthed to fulfill a need in the market that was not being met.

Imagine…. just for a moment if you will. You are meeting with a banker, broker or googling funding sources for your business or real estate deal. How much time did they take to hear your story and enter it into the presentation for funding? How many variables did they go over with you that result in your success or failure of getting funded?

Did they honestly share the statistic of funded deals with you? Such as the fact that  banks decline 81%-82% of fundable deals due to strict banking regulations and requirements?


Did they share with you that they aren’t actually trained in their own underwriting guidelines or on how to get deals approved? Probably not.

Did they mention that they are NOT direct to the funding source or decision maker? Yes, not even bankers are direct to the decision makers. They put your deal in a pile of a very small % of deals that ever see funding.

How do we know this? Because we have partnerships  with banks, lenders  and other funding sources, and they share what goes on behind the curtain. Heck  its’ why they engage with us and place our client’s deals at the top of their list! They want to place their money in real estate deals and/or small business funding. The struggle they have is most people don’t even know about alternative financing to banks. We have also been on the business side seeking funding and working capital, which was frustrating, inefficient and disheartening to say the least.

So what does this mean for you?
At Blessing Capital, we understand there are an infinite number of variables that can and do impact every deal. We also understand that are no 2 deals that are the same. We operate with a conscious understanding of the Metaphysics of Finance, with a heart for each and every one of our clients. We walk with you through the tender points of your journey, strategizing with you along the way to structure the highest possible outcome for you. If you were told your deal will be a walk in the park or that you can get funding with 1 simple online application in a matter of days, you weren’t told the truth and someone just wanted to “land your deal.”
Because we are led by 2 of the most compassionate and brilliant visionaries, who are divinely gifted in making  the invisible visible and materialization of concepts. Moving and seeing things no one else can allows them to weave and shift the unseen forces on behalf of your business or deal. All the while painting the ideal picture of you to our funding sources resulting in 80% more deals funded than anywhere else!

Think Different with Blessing Capital

Finance is a Love Language. It is a Masterpiece birthed from the marriage of  the Arts & Sciences, Metaphysics and Numbers. When understood in this way, it is one of the most beautiful experiences and greatest Blessings we and you have the privilege to be a part of.
The world has changed, and so has the Financial Markets. Our firm is led by 2 Visionaries who are always striving to make your experience better than the last, who are deeply committed to their Purpose as Ministers in the Marketplace. They truly walk their talk, continually  putting personal growth at the forefront, constantly pushing themselves and the envelope, all the while asking the questions “what else is possible here? how can we be greater today than we were yesterday?”
They understand the subconscious fears and uncertainty that surface and many times block our ability to receive funding that could transform not only our lives, but the lives of all we come in contact with. The financial world does not have to be frightening, overwhelming or foreign. We are here to bridge the gap, bringing more ease and comfort to the entire process while setting a new standard of Financial Literacy through Benevolent Capitalism.
We operate as your interpreter, your confidant, your negotiator, storyteller advisor and broker. We are here to bridge the gap between the brilliant and hard-working business owners and the capital that has your name on it.

There are many firms out there, many promises and marketing and bait and switches. We get it. We’ve actually been baited, went through the frightening and painful experiences in order for our test to become our testament. Joshua and Anna Blessing fully lived out the experience of being a small business owner and real estate investor, in order to better serve you. They understand the pain, struggle, challenges and fear that comes along with operating a business. They know what happens when capital dries up, and you don’t know where to turn to keep the business running or expand it.

The Blessing’s chose to be the change they wished to see, to stand in the gap for you. And so was birthed: “Blessing Capital”.

If you vibe with us, reach out! If not, that’s cool too. Either way, our desire is for your success in every way.

You, us, we: the Small Business Owners and Real Estate Developers are the solutions our world so desperately seeks. We are the creators of a new and brighter tomorrow. Together, we can be the change we wish to see, leaving a greater world for our children than we came into.

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