How-To: Bettering your Customer Service

Ask anyone who’s been professionally involved with the public, and they will likely tell you that customer service can be tricky. However, interaction with clients can often make or break a company. If their service is excellent, paying customers are likely to return and recommend the business and its services to friends. If their service is deplorable, then a company is almost sure to lose business. Here are some suggestions for bringing your customer service skills to the next level.


Know The Facts


It’s important to always have the correct information, even if it means taking a moment to confirm it with the proper department or manager. Taking down contact information and getting back to someone promptly is also a much better option than fabricating an answer to something you don’t know. Furthermore, it’s important to learn what questions are most popular and do the research for these answers. Compile a list of FAQ’s if you need to, so long as the information is readily available for you to provide to customers when they need it.


Go the Extra Mile


Customers will almost always remember when you’ve done something extra for them. It can be something small that you’re not really required to do, like offering some extra help or information. This shows the customer he or she matters to you.


Maintain a Welcoming Demeanor


Sometimes keeping a cheery attitude is difficult when you’re having a bad day, but in customer service, the goal is never to let the customer know that. Keep a smile on your face, and never be short or snappy with them. You do not want these customers to feel like an inconvenience or they will probably not come back. Thank them, ask how they’re doing and just be friendly.


Remember: A Smile Can be Heard on the Phone


Staying pleasant during phone calls is also really important, because customers are likely to remember how nice and helpful the person was when they spoke with him or her on the telephone. Use the same general rules of friendliness and warmth over the phone that you would in person. They may not be able to see your face, but be assured they can hear your smile!


Keep Your Promises


It is imperative always to follow through on everything you promise your customers. If you tell them you’re going to take care of something, be sure and take every step possible before you leave that day. Next, follow-up to make sure the task is completed and the customer is satisfied.

It’s true that customer service is not always easy. The above tips should be helpful in enhancing your level of service and customer satisfaction.


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