Employee Retention Strategies to Keep your Team in Place

Any sizeable company needs a program for employee retention and management. There are several good methods your business can use to make sure your best employees stick around. While benefits and other incentives are a big part of a program like this, some strategies are best incorporated into employees’ everyday tasks and activities.

Provide Monetary Incentives

One good idea is developing a number of small financial perks for your employees. These incentives can include annual raises pending review of performance, holiday bonuses, or even some stock alternatives. Such methods can help to boost morale without breaking your company’s pocketbook.

Give Good Benefits

Retirement plans, paid time off and insurance are all solid benefits that can entice employees to stay with your company. It might make sense for some of the better benefits only to be available to employees who have worked there a certain amount of time, like at least one year or maybe up to five years.

Make Your Expectations Clear

One great strategy for employee retention is never to leave your employees wondering what you need from them. Handwritten protocols and clear job descriptions are usually helpful in this endeavor. If employees understand what is expected of them, they are for more likely to produce work of that quality. When giving performance feedback, it is also important to balance constructive criticism with praise. Tell them what they’re doing well, and they just might be interested in improving what they fell short on.

Offer Some Extras

It can be a good idea to help make your employees’ day a pleasurable one. Whether it’s casual Fridays or a box of doughnuts in the break room, little perks like this might be powerful tools for helping to generate an upbeat attitude in your team.

Get Input from Employees

Consider interviewing not only employees who leave the business to do something else, but also those who have chosen to stay. Discover what it is that has enticed them to continue working for your company, and what it might be that could cause them to leave.

Foster Effective Communication

You definitely want to establish an atmosphere of open discussion in the workplace. Regular staff meetings and daily briefings on a team’s tasks are great ways to generate strong communication between managers and employees. Having everybody on the same page can improve not only employee outlook, but efficiency, as well.


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