Business Line of Credit Basics

Both brand new and well-established businesses have ebbs and flows when it comes to cash. When money is tight, there are many options for business owners, including business loans, personal credit and advances from friends and family. However, one of the best options available is a business line of credit.

Why Choose a Company Credit Line

At some point during the life of a company, business owners could find it necessary to inject cash into their companies for a short period of time due to unforeseen expenses, a sudden introduction of new employees, a drop in sales, or other circumstances that may have a negative impact on their business. Instead of taking out a business loan or using credit cards, which can bring with them exasperating interest rates and undesirable payment structures, applying for a line of credit could be a better option.

How to Obtain a Credit Line

Any business owner who is considering applying for a credit line should be aware of a few things, the first being credit history. A credit history in good standing would bode well for a business owner looking to secure credit. Also, if past cash flow has been positive, a bank would probably be more open to lending. After a business owner researches and decides on a lender, applying for a credit line is simple. The process can usually be done online and at no cost to the applicant until the transfer of funds has occurred.

How Much Money to Apply For

Once a business owner begins the process of applying for a line of credit, he or she must decide how much money to request. This is a major decision with potentially negative consequences. For example, an owner may be unable to afford the monthly payments if he or she asks for too much credit. On the other hand, the business may not be able to sustain itself and could go under if an owner requests too little money. Being sensible and realistic about the amount needed and the ability to repay are things to keep in mind when deciding on a credit line amount.

When there is a lull in a company’s cash flow, personal loans or credit cards might seem like easy, quick fixes. However, conflicts could easily arise, negatively affecting business and personal relationships. Applying for a line of credit can be a positive option for owners to help maintain financial momentum during tough times, and even add value to their business when things are going well.


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