5 Tips for Becoming a Sustainable Business

Today, developing a sustainable business is all about being as green and environmentally savvy as you can. There is a plethora of methods businesses can use to reliably conserve energy and develop eco-friendly practices. The following tips should help you better understand the best ways to go about these tasks.

  1. Recycle

Start by setting out recycling bins for cans, bottles and paper that are used throughout the day so that they don’t go in the trash. Consider using office equipment that has been refurbished, be sure to print double-sided and use scrap paper when possible. Furthermore, cut down on the use of paper plates and plastic cups by investing in some dishwashing facilities.

  1. Utilize New Technologies

Where possible, go paperless and use digital options. With today’s technological and efficient world, most official documents like timesheets, invoices and contracts can be completed on the computer and saved digitally. This is one great way to reduce the waste in your company and be a more sustainable business.  After all, almost half of the paper printed on in your office is likely to end up in the waste basket.

  1. Don’t Waste Water

This one’s pretty simple. Use only what water is needed by checking that sprinklers aren’t being overused, any pipe leaks in the building are repaired, and so on. If necessary, regulate the amount of time employees are allowed to run water and for what purposes. Finally, be resourceful with things like rain water. Try collecting it with a rain barrel for use in landscaping, for example.

  1. Get Creative With Travel

Cars emit fumes and exhaust that are not good for the environment, so take the subway or a bus when you can. If the weather’s nice, enjoy a nice walk or a bike ride to work. If these options don’t work for you, then try organizing a carpool with some coworkers.

  1. Use Utilities Wisely

For starters, a big utility cost is the heating and cooling system. Having routine maintenance performed on your building’s heat and AC units may be more economical than having to front a costly repair later on. Saving on electricity is also important when it comes to cost-effectiveness. Make sure employees are shutting off lights or better yet, install motion censored switches so they’ll shut off on their own when activity is low.

These are just some of the ways for your company to become a sustainable business. The above tips may prove useful to and your team in becoming an environmentally friendly and energy efficient operation.


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