There is an Awakening, an Ascension a Transformation happening on our Planet right now. You feel it don’t you? 

Imagine if you will, we are standing at some moment in the Future. Our world knows peace, our people know Wellness, they live with purpose. Our Healing Centers are founded upon BJ Palmer’s philosophy of the “power that created the body, heals the body”, where every man, woman and child is aware and in communion with the Innate Intelligence within them. This future was created by you, our Chiropractors and Wellness Practitioners. And in our totally biased opinion, the most gifted Doctors and Healers Divinely sent to us. You are the Leaders of our communities, you are the Doctors of the Future, you are the ones we have been waiting for.


The Chiropractic Revolution 

This is a Call, to all of our Chiropractic Brothers and Sisters who are transforming the world one spine at a time. You are the reason we are here on Earth for such a time as this. Chiropractors were the ones who kept my body in peak physical performance during my athletic years growing up, it was Chiropractors who pieced my body back together after a terrible accident. You are the reason I chose to serve as a top CA and Marketer in my younger years, and it is still Chiropractors who keep my Life Force and Physical Body in peak performance so I can continue to evolve, transcend, and break through glass ceilings while fulfilling my mission, vision and purpose on Earth. It is you who will lead our planet into the next Golden Age of Miracles. That time has come, and we were sent here, called out for such a time as this.

My husband and I founded this firm Hearts wide open and Souls fully devoted to serving the Chiropractors of our era become the Local Leader, Celebrities and Global Thought Leaders you were born to be. To support, serve and guide you into your Divine Blueprint for Success with both your Practice and your unique Soul Song. This is why we are here, this is why we have come. And the time is now for us to evolve together into the next era of Chiropractic. Where with every touch of your Healing and Gifted Hands an awakening and transformation happens, miracles unfold in ways our world has never seen before, transcending all previous hell beliefs about the Supreme Power of Chiropractic in our world …. But let me get off of my Soapbox, as I am clearly 100% biased here 😉 …..

Now for the nitty gritty…..

We are a Financial Services and PR Firm dedicated to Chiropractors and Functional Medicine Practitioners. Our founders have consulted for and worked with some of the leading experts in the Chiropractic and Wellness industry over the past decade including: Deepak ChopraDr Billy DeMoss (DCS CalJam), Dr Daniel Pompa (Health Centers of the Future), Tony Horton (p90x),  and Chiropractic Business Academy to name a few. They founded this firm with the intention to support Chiropractors who we know to be the Doctors of the Future and the unsung Thought Leaders with monumental power to transform our world one spine at a time. We support our Doctors in growing their bottom line with laser targeted financial strategies available to the Chiropractic Industry while positioning them as Local Celebrities and Thought Leaders.

On average, we help our clients save $20k-$50k, while growing their bottom line by 23-34% + annually through our Outsourced CFO Services and growth strategies specific to your practice. How much of your time is spent doing something other than what you went to school for? We eliminate the business busywork, freeing you to do what you do best while having the peace of mind that your bottom line and practice is continually growing.


“Primum non Nocere”

As Metaphysicians, we too have taken an oath of healing in our work to do no harm. Our firm is unlike any other in the marketplace, as we are led, founded by and managed by 2 Visionaries, Joshua and Anna Blessing to serve the Chiropractic and Wellness Community.

Joshua and Anna Blessing have been in the Health and Wellness industry for over a decade. They have consulted for dozens of practices over the years, resulting in a 20% or greater profit maximization, as well as a growth in new patients exceeding other marketing and consulting percentages.

In addition to consulting for some of the top practices, doctors and organizations, they were also the catalyst for the largest Celebrity Health event in the world, that untied mainstream and natural health for the 1st time ever, transforming the Wellness industry forever. This event blessed them with the opportunity to work with the largest names in both Hollywood and Wellness, expanding the acceptance and awareness of Functional Medicine into the mainstream public.

After this contribution to the Wellness Community, they founded the fastest growing wellness clinic from 2012-2014 setting a new standard in their regional market. During this time, they had 6 doctors working for them and they learned 1st hand the headaches, blessings, frustrations and missing links for running a 7 figure practice with total ease.

All of these experiences ultimately led them to open Blessing Capital, a Boutique Financial Services and PR Firm specializing in satisfying the business and financial needs for Chiropractors and Wellness Professionals.

Their Business and Financial expertise, coupled with their background in Metaphysics have created an alchemical creation that is transforming the practices and lives of every one of their clients, and in turn the world.

We know every practice and practitioner has a unique approach and story. We implement our services and support around YOU, not around us. We have positioned Doctors to become Thought Leaders in their specialty through strategy, clear financial understanding and organization of their practice, their business metrics and the Metaphysics of their unique practice and gifts. They have been featured on both Local and National programs such as Good Morning America, NBC, ABC, Fox and more.

We work with practices who:

  • Have $250k+ in annual gross revenues
  • Have a physical practice location(s)
  • Desire to have a 7 figure + practice with total ease
  • Have a passion to share your gifts and knowledge on a greater stage(s)

Our Monthly Services Include:

  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Monthly Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Monthly Financial Statements, P&L’s etc
  • Monthly Strategy Calls
  • New Patient Acquisitions through Targeted Marketing


  • Tax Preparation and Tax Minimization
  • Real Estate Acquisition and Financing (for the purchase of your practice)
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Local SEO and Marketing
  • Biofeedback Sessions (80% of success and growth is psychology/energetics)
  • PR Campaigns and Press Releases (regional and national)
  • Local Celebrity and Thought Leader Positioning
  • Media Tours (local and national)

We know that Life and Growth is a process. We walk with our clients every step of the way at their pace. Though we can move as quickly as one is ready and willing to expand, we provide strategic implementation and a blueprint that has successfully helped each of our clients reach the 7 figure + practice and local celebrity status in 12-24 months.

By design, we only take on 33 clients at a time in order to provide the intimate 1-on-1 support necessary to reach your practice growth goals with ease, joy and grace. And while we know the list of services we contribute to the Chiropractic Community produce unprecedented results, it is our Divine Ability to operate as Metaphysicians with you that Create results, miracles, magic and joy beyond this reality. It is our Duty not to fix the old, but to build and create the new, together.


We invite you to Create the New with us today. What else is possible that we’ve NEVER even considered? This is how we change the world, this is how we raise the consciousness of the planet. One Question, One Day, One Spine at a time. 

Will you join us in this Mission?


Boutique Accounting and Financial Services Firm for Chiropractors

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